Good Wednesday morning! Last night was a little bit of a rough night. Logan had a tummy ache about 4am and tried to throw-up. He also has a little accident in bed. They have him hooked up to fluids all the time to flush the chemo through his system so he always has to go potty. He is feeling better this morning.
Today he is helping me w/ my Dex work putting together my “show” books to show customer’s. It requires gluing and pasting which he loves. Next I will teach him how to call my customers and set appts;).
He gets his chemo from 10am to 11am then nothing much the rest of the day. His little brother, mom, & Grandma (my mom) will be coming up later. Logan can’t wait.
Last night Logan & I watched the Mariner’s game and his nurse is a huge fan as well. She had Logan keep he updated on the score. So when the beat the Twins Logan made it his mission to find her to let her know.
Have a great day everyone!


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  1. The “blog” is a great idea. Thanks for including us, and thanks to Dylan for making it possible. Good job Dylan!!!
    Sorry to hear that Logan’s night was a little rough for him, but glad to hear that he’s feeling better this morning. If he keeps doing all that work for you, you may have to put him on the payroll!! He’s a pretty amazing little guy!!
    I’m sure he’s excited to see grandma, mom, and little brother. That will make his day even better!!
    We will check the “blog” regularly for updates, so keep it going.
    Our best to everyone, and please know that we are available if there is anything we can do to help you.

  2. It sounds like you have a busy day today. I bet your Dad’s Dex book is looking great. Thanks for my awesome picture you made me that was really cool. Do you like jokes? I love them maybe I could send you jokes that you could tell the nurses…Here is one for today.
    Q: What do sheep do on sunny days?
    A: Have a baa – baa – cue!

    Brookie Cookie

  3. I’m just another person out here in the big, wide world sending a wealth of good energy your way, Logan. It’s for you and your family. Keep your sunny side up!


    Patricia Sikelianos

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