Happy Sunday to everyone. Today was a great day to be home. We just laid around most the morning. Logan slept for 12 hours last night….nice to be in his own bed. We went on a nice walk and Logan drove his John Deere Gator the whole way. This afternoon we stopped by Uncle Pat’s & Aunt Traci’s to see everyone. We gave Logan his first shot today. It went interesting. After a little wrestling we got it done. He said he did not feel it at all. We will see how tomorrow’s goes. Grandma & Grandpa David came over for dinner tonight and Kelly found the time to make us some great spaghetti sauce in the crock pot. It was great.


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  1. Hello Logan,

    We are all thinking of you and hope you are feeling good. Your friends are all excited to be Adventurers next week. We miss you. Miss Keri was so excited to see you on Saturday.

    Your friend at Playcare,


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