Sorry we did update the blog yesterday. Logan is feeling miserable. He has been throwing up about every hour. Last night he did not sleep one minute so he is very tired (as are we). Kelly called the doctors this morning and they said this is typical for this chemo. They said as long as he is drinking water in which our amazing kid is drinking a lot. He has a spider man thermos w/ water and is always taking sips. He has not eaten anything since Sunday. We were told this is also typical.
I have to really say on a public forum say how amazing my wife Kelly is. Not only dealing w/ the newborn but also w/ what is going on w/ Logan. I am trying to work as much as possible because we do still need an income. My mother and her husband David have also been amazing in helping out. They have put their cross country trip on hold to help out w/ Logan. They are living out of their R.V. Aunt Traci has also been a blessing. During difficult times there are always positive things to take from them. My family as well as Kelly’s family are amazing. They have put there lives on hold to help us. Also our network of friends….wow. We could not have better people around us. If I were to mention all of the positive comments, responses, cards, etc. I would need to write a book. All we can say is a continued thank you and we love you all!

Enjoy the above picture of Logan’s CAT scan (thank you uncle Pat for scanning these). The top one is the first CAT scan when we found out of the cancer on 7-26-07. The tumor is circled. You are looking down at Logan. The spine is on the bottom and belly on the top. The Kidneys (two circles) are on both sides of the spine. You can see how much the tumor is pushing on his left kidney. The lower picture is the CAT scan the did last Wednesday on 9-12-07. The tumor shrank by more than half!


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  1. Wow, Logan. Those CAT scan pictures are amazing. I’m so glad to see that your tumor is shrinking. I hope that your tummy starts to feel better soon.

  2. I’m so sorry that Logan is not feeling good. I truly hope that things will start getting better soon. I’m so happy to see how much that tumor has shrunk! That is some good news… please take care-all of you! We look forward to when we can see you in the clnic again. 🙂 Courtney

  3. We are so happy to hear about the tumor!! What good news.. So sad to hear that Logan isn’t feeling well though…. We wish there was something we could do to make the sickness go away! Hang in there Logan – everyone is thinking about you and praying for you!!
    Mildenberger Family

  4. CAT scan pictures are very encouraging. Thinking of you daily and hoping these awful effects from this latest chemo round will be over soon. Logan, I love the way you always have your smile on you are one amazing little boy.

    Dee Mackinnon

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