Logan (and uncle Pat) had a rough night last night. The chemo is starting to work it’s course. Logan got sick 5 times last night. Pat did not get a wink of sleep because our 18 y/o roommate started his first round of chemo last night and had an allergic reaction. Doctor’s were in the room with the lights on from 3am to 6am. During the night as well Logan had to go potty and while he was going he said he was going to be sick. Pat went and grabbed the tub and unfortunately Logan lost it out all ends. They have been giving him laxatives, he also sneezed and fluids flew out his nose etc. Thank you uncle Pat for giving us a break.
Kelly is w/ Logan right now and she called a short while ago and said Logan is smiling and joking around. He also does not look as swollen from the fluids.
We figure if the drug hits him like the last time it should be about 14 days until some normalcy. 11 1/2 days to go…..
Team Logan Shirts are here! Remember if you want one for $20.00 to pay through pay pal as well as send me an e-mail of size and where to send it. I will get a picture to post of what they look like. They turned out great.


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  1. 11 1/2 days to go. sigh…
    Our hearts and empathies go out to you. We are NOT looking forward to Cisplatin again.

    Logan you are so tough! Keep doing those karate moves and kick cancer’s butt.

    Much love,
    the townes

  2. Hi Logan! Just stopping by to say hi and let you know that I’m thinking of you! I’m working on a fun package to send to you, I’m going to try to get that off to you in the next few days! 🙂 I hope you start feeling better soon – be sure to let your roommate know that I’m praying for him too!! Take care!! *warm hugs*

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