Happy Monday if there is such a thing. Logan’s tummy is feeling better. No sickness for 2 days. He still has a fever and counts are zero. He is getting another transfusion right now as well as taking a nap. They are giving him platelets which is good because he had a bloody nose this morning that would not clot itself. It now has.
It is so hard watching my boy be sick. Everywhere I turn I see these amazing pictures of him growing up….smiling, laughing and all the while he had that evil tumor inside tearing apart his body. I am so proud to be his dad. He is the true meaning of a super hero. The nurses are always saying how tough he is and I guess they would know because they deal with many kids. Yesterday when we got here the nurses heard my voice and all ran out from everywhere to see Logan. It is so nice because he truly brings a smile to their faces. He walks into an area where they are and no matter what they all drop what they are doing and he lights up the room! As you can tell I am having a difficult moment. I want this to go away and just be a normal family again. I am his dad and I am supposed to protect him. As I type this yes I am crying. I am crying because I am happy to have Logan, I am happy to have such an amazing support group, I am sad that Logan has to go through this, I am angry as well. Everyone that reads this today/tonight please when you are finished go give your kid(s) a hug and tell them how much you love them. I tell my best friend everyday!


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  1. Thinking of all of you…. So sorry you are going through this. We wish we could help in some way -thoughts and prayers go out to you…
    with Love, The Mildenberger family

  2. Jason and Kelly, I wish that I had something clever to say that would make you feel better. All I can say from reading your blogs is that you guys are amazing, and obviously, Logan is incredible. It’s so not fair that any child has to endure this, I tell myself that just about everyday. We are still trying to figure out the why’s ourselves. All I can say is that Logan is a great kid, and he got that way because of you two! Hang in there…
    Courtney Kennedy

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