Well today is our last day/night at home for awhile. It feels like we are moving out packing two cars w/ toys, pillows, clothes….all the things that will make Logan feel at home.

Today Kelly overheard Logan talking w/ Peyton about the hospital. The conversation went like this:

Logan: “Peyton I will be at the hospital a long time.”

Peyton: “Ahhhh, Shhhhh, Eh, Eh!” (interpreter…You are the best big brother ever, I love You!)

Logan: “I am going to throw-up a lot, but when I sleep and play video games it makes me feel better”

Peyton: “Eeeee, Ooooo, Uhhh!” (interpreter…I will make you feel better by giving you hugs & kisses, I can’t wait until you teach me to play baseball!)

We are the luckiest parents in the world!


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  1. Hello from down the hall. Carin and I know that you have started phase 2 today…you all should know that the Townes have your back. Let us know if you need anything. JT

  2. We are in awe of the strength that you possess – fighting an un-seeable nemesis.

    You step on the battlefield with the strength of an army. A solider with a mission that is clear – win the war. You question nothing but endure the pain and suffering that each battle places on you and always find the time to make the rests of us feel at ease. We are so proud of you. Amazed that at the age of 6 you have taught all the people around you so much and you don’t even realize it. Just your smile and laugh has put the rest of us at ease. God truly blessed all of us with your smile and love.

    I know in my heart that you will beat this. The next month will be very hard but I am sure that you will win the war. Each battle will bring you that much closer to the end of this horrible and trying time.

    We are looking forward to the day we will be there to see you hit that hole in one and truly beat the pants off dad and papa.

    You are our superhero.
    All of our love and kisses
    Nana and Papa

  3. Jason-you are an amazing writer! I’m surprised you never took it up! The way you talk about Logan, Peyton and Kelly is awesome! You have a lot to be thankful for! I’m very very proud to be your sister!
    Love you all!

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