Progress…..slow, but progress. Logan is coming around (of course way to slow for Kelly & I). As I type this he is watching cartoons. He still is reaching for things that are not there. He is communicating a little better. We went on a walk and enjoyed the sun & the 90 degree weather. Thank you all who have left comments as well of those who continue to pray for Logan’s quick recovery. Thank you to Uncle Pat, Aunt Traci, & Aunt Kristi for helping out w/ Peyton. Last night Peyton stayed at Pat & Traci’s and was an angel and slept through the night.

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  1. Thank you for the picture of Logan…it has been such an awful week for you, and it is a wonderful relief for those of us keeping tabs on you all to see Logan’s little face in that wagon and out of bed.


  2. Dear Lewis family,
    I’m a friend of the Towne family and I’ve been praying for both Logan and Ben as they fight cancer.
    God has given you so much strength and courage and faith throughout this experience-thank God for His faithfulness! May you continue to know the presence of God and be encouraged by the prayers and care of those around you. I pray for progress in healing and patience. Please know that you are not alone.

  3. Thank you so much for the continued updates and for the amazing picture which put a smile on my face.

    There are lots of us silently, anxiously, and steadfastly here with you all.

  4. Dear Logan,
    Thank God you are beginning to rally and show signs of coming out of this yucky treatment.

    Our hearts, prayers, thoughts, and every moment of our lives is focused on you, Dear Grandson. We love you SO very much! Grampa David has your marble in his pocket, and I have your good luck marble in my purse. We know it’s going to help get stronger. We love you with all our hearts!!

    Gramma and Grampa David

    P.S. Jason and Kelly – our love and support is with you two – you have weathered another storm in your lives with Logan … and are amazing parents. Bless you both!
    Hooray for Uncle Pat, Aunt Traci, and Aunt Kristi – you guys are the BEST!

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