Wanted to update everyone. As you all know, if you haven’t heard from us ….. Logan is well in most cases. We were allowed to go to Mary Bridge Hospital in Tacoma on Thursday for a basic blood draw. We only had to have this done to fit into the guidelines for the experimental treatment. On Friday…. Logan played with Chloe ALL day long and then we went to Emerald Ridge High School for the RELAY FOR LIFE. Logan was able to participate in the opening walk with other survivors, it was a great experience. Saturday…. Logan again played with Chloe ALL day, attended a Birthday Party ( which he had alot of fun at ) and then continued to play with his friend until his eyes could take no more. Sunday…. got his second haircut since it as grown back ( he wants to keep it long ) and played with Chloe all day. ( Chloe went with us for a haircut also ) We will post some pictures of Logan at the RELAY FOR LIFe tomorrow. Just a recap, Logan goes all day long playing outside and finally stops to go to bed. He is doing great, and having alot of fun.

We don’t head back to the Children’s Hospital until July 1st!!! July 1st and 2nd Logan goes through “re-staging”. All tests are done on Logan. They are doing their 3 month check up to make sure Logan is in remission still. Our doctor, Dr. Park,will call us on July 3rd with the results. Until then…. Logan will PLAY, PLAY, PLAY!!!!


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  1. I hear my dad (Rolf Edlund) walked with Logan and you guys at the Relay for Life walk! That is awesome!! I am glad he can play lots now!!! Way to go Logan!

    ~Ann Edlund

  2. Logan!

    How are you feeling? I hope that you feel better! Is first grade fun? I am sorry to hear that you have cancer. Having a wonderful summer? I pray for you day and night for you to get better. Heard that someone is going to donate 1 Trillion dollars to you! My special boy!! Get better soon!!!!!

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