We are up in Packwood, WA at our friends the Caufield’s cabin. There is two feet of snow up here and it continues to snow. Today we went up to White Pass to do a little sledding but it was very windy and snowing very hard.
Tonight we will bring in a new year…..Kelly & I are devastated by the loss of Ben Towne yesterday. I know he is watching over us all now. He is constantly playing tennis, driving the real Lighting McQueen car, going for rides in Monster Trucks, and telling everyone how amazing his family is. We are very blessed to have shared some very personal time with Ben & his family.
This year has been a roller coaster year to say the least. We got the news that Logan was in remission. This was by far the highlight. Logan & family have somewhat returned to normal life…if there is such a thing with a child in remission & that has received all those nasty drugs. This year I lost my Grandmother. Three of my closest friends also lost their Grandmothers. Then as mentioned above we lost Ben. As most of you know I try to look at the glass 1/2 full….I think my Grandmother as well as my friends three amazing grandmothers were there to greet Ben.
Thank you all for your continued thoughts & prayers.

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  1. Dear Jason,
    Gramma Mack would love to be playing with Ben right now … they would be having lots of fun. Thanks for sharing your love of both Gramma and Ben — we share your feelings.

    Love you,
    Mom and David

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