We get to go home!!!!

We get to go home!!!!

Logan had a lot of trouble sleeping last night as the brace they have him in is very annoying.  He only could lay on his back with very little movement and that really frustrated him.  Other than the lack of sleep no fevers and counts are on the rise.

So today we have an MIBG appointment at 1pm that will last 2+ hours and then we will head south to home.

I also had a chance to meet with the orthopedic doctor and surgery will take place in the very near future on his broken femur.  They are trying to schedule it but are backed up in the OR.

So here is the schedule as I know it but we have learned that this will change:

Today: MIBG the home!

Tomorrow: 2-3 hours in the car for a quick appointment to give antibiotic and do blood draw.

Friday-Sunday: Home with friends and family

Monday: Meeting with Dr. Park to discuss if experimental is working…if it is he will start another round of chemo that week.

Sometime in the near future: Surgery on his femur

I have to go as he is challenging me in a game of golf on the xbox;)



2 thoughts on “We get to go home!!!!

  1. LOGAN, I’m Gray’s Air Force friend and we met a couple of times down in Tucson. I’m following your progress closely and Gray and I talk about you all the time. I live in Colorado Springs and Gray is up here for the summer. We are both cheering you on and hope you can put this return of your illness out of your system for keeps this time. I still have that really nice drawing of the SR-71 that you gave me and think of you whenever I look at it. My prayers and best wishes are with you, tough guy. Pat Halloran

  2. There is a new Seattle Children’s Hospital south clinic located at 34920 Enchanted Pkwy. S
    Federal Way, WA 98003, 253-838-5878, in the same parking lot as Costco, not far from Wild Waves. Maybe Logan could get some of his care there instead of in Seattle?

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