Good Tuesday morning to all. This chemo is harsh! Logan’s tummy feels very yucky. He is throwing up about every hour or so. They have been getting him medicine which helps a little. Last night went o.k. The only times he was sick was when he woke up to go potty. I think standing up makes him dizzy which in turn causes the nausea (this is something I passed down to him, I get motion sickness on the merry-go-round). Today they are going to give us a patch to put behind his ear that helps w/ motion sickness. He still has no appetite. Today he will be weighed and we are assuming they will be giving him a feeding tube. This is inserted through his nose and goes into his tummy. It will be a long week…one day at a time!


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  1. Hang in there Logan! We’re all rooting for you! You are an incredible inspiration!

    Camden wants one of those train tickets!!!

  2. Sorry to hear that Logan is feeling yucky. I hope he feels better soon! Anthony must be so happy to have such a caring and helpful room mate. Logan is so amazing, the last post just made me smile. 🙂

    I’ll be thinking and praying for you all.

  3. Logan,
    I am so sorry you are feeling sick today. If there is any food you can think of at all…from a favorite store or restaurant, tell your dad what it is and I will go get it immediately and deliver it to you!


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