Enjoy the video of Logan bowling on his Wii…..He beat dad & the nurses this morning. As you can see he feels good. He has had some stomach cramps because he is constipated. They are of course trying to combat that w/ laxitives.


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  1. Hi, Folks!

    I read Logan’s site from time to time since we see him in the hospital often. I’m Emma’s mother by the way. Anyhow, I recently joined a mailing list on the ACOR web site about osteosrcoma. It’s really good. The list includes several cancer docs, lawyers and lots of big time osteo fundraisers. It’s a very active list and I’ve found it immensely helpful in making decisinos about Emma because I can usually find someone who has “been there before”. Anyhow, the same organization has a neuroblastoma list with 600 members. The address for the list subscription is: http://www.acor.org/mailing.html?l=n It might be helpful for you in making the decision about the exdperimental treatment for Logan. I thought I’d let you know just in case you didn’t know about ACOR already.


  2. Hope you are all doing well! No posts in a while, we are just wondering if everything is going ok.
    Take care…. Courtney Kennedy 🙂

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