Logan & I went to the Baseball Hall Of Fame today in Cooperstown…..It was awesome. Logan had to do a scavenger hunt so he got very involved and asked a lot of questions. He asked “how come there is a lot of Yankee stuff here dad?” I had to be honest….”Logan, they buy all this just like they do their championships.” 🙂 He followed it up with “We really hate the Yankees!” ……that’s my boy;)

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  1. Jason – You’re not out of town yet. Don’t start slamming until your on the plane.

    Your mother-in-law.

  2. Also a Logan James Lewis just happened to fall upon this site. looks like the little guys doin great. thank god hes got parents like he does il keep him in my prayers.. love the yankees comment 2. go BOSOX

  3. This is the CUTEST thing I have heard in a long time. I love that! and TOTALLY agree! boo Yankees! =)I hope your family is doing great, I still have a huge impact in my heart from doing my senior project with little Logan!

    Amy Schoen

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