Well today did not go so well. Logan woke up w/ a fever. It started at about 99.3 and continued to rise. We kept in touch w/ the hospital and at 101.3 they had us come up to the ER. Since his white blood cell counts are still at zero he has no way to fight infection. Therefore he was admitted so they can monitor him as well as give him antibiotics over the next 48 hours. He seems to be feeling better now. He ate a little bit and is drinking well. He also got a little bloody nose that went away pretty quick. What concerned the doctors was that his platelet count is low so his body has trouble clotting (stopping the bleeding). They will be doing a platelet transfusion tonight and blood transfusion in the morning. If everything goes well we should get to go home Monday. They are anticipating his white blood cell counts to start rising. Hopefully he will be able to go to the first day of kindergarten.


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  1. Mom,Dad,Logan and Peyton you are in our thoughts and prayers.
    Thank you for the daily updates.
    Logan is a amazing little guy. All the treatments and long days at the hospital and he still manages a smile. What a guy:)
    George and Dee Mackinnon

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