Welcome to Monday. Logan had a bad night last night. Was very sick to his tummy throughout the night. Thank you Mom for being so patient w/ him and letting me get some rest. Today they have switched his nausea medicine to try and be proactive instead of reactive. It has seemed to be working. He has had a pretty good day. Has not eaten anything though. Currently he is sleeping. One of the anti-nausea medicines make him tired. He looks very peaceful over on his bed. We are scheduled to go home late tomorrow. We have to wait until 12 hours after last chemo is done. That means will will not get released until about 11:30pm. The nice thing is that he can sleep in the car and then wake up in his own bed! We already have all of the anti-nausea medicines at home so we will stay on it. The current chemo he is on is the strongest. The doctors said it will linger in him for about five days. After his counts go back up he will be in for a three day chemo (not as harsh on tummy). Then chemo five will be unfortunately like this one. He then will have surgery to try and remove tumor & then come back for another chemo again.
I do have some good news….My internet manager Rod Cory at work & his wife Kelly sent out Logan’s story to all their friends, family, etc. in their home e-mail mailbox. They asked everyone to send $1.00 to them as well as forward the e-mail to as many people as they can. To make an amazing story short they have recieved $425 so far as well as many amazing positive messages from all over. Rod & Kelly are also going to get Logan a map and what we are going to do is place a pin in the map from everywhere he gets a letter. THANK YOU!


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  1. Logan is an angel – what a trooper last night as we battled the nausea and a noisy roommate! No wonder we’re both tired today! Glad to hear the rest of his day went better. David and I are SO glad we’re here to help out when needed … it’s a win-win for all of us!
    Love you all,
    Mom & David

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