Good Friday morning to everyone. Logan is still feeling pretty yucky this morning. The good thing is he got about 6 hours of sleep off & on last night. This morning he said he was feeling better but followed that by getting sick 2 times. Today he will have the feeding tube put in. I am very happy for this because he really needs the nutrition. He has not had anything to eat in four plus days. He is drinking a lot of water though. Before I left for work this morning we talked about the feeding tube and he asked if they will be able to fill the food backpack w/ a milkshake. I told him “you bet!” I will hopefully update everyone tonight on his day.

Some sad news to pass along. On Sunday I put a link to a Seattle Times article about an 11 year old girl here at Seattle Children’s Hospital that has been fighting Neuroblastoma for 4 years. If you got a chance to read it hopefully you were as touched as I was. I asked if Logan and I could go see her that Sunday morning but the doctor recommended Logan not see her because of her condition. She passed away this morning. The amazing news is yesterday was her dad’s birthday and she sang him happy birthday and told him she loved him.


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  1. Logan has such a great little spirit and such courage. I’m glad the he will getting some food, and we are praying for him to feel better soon. I’m glad that all of this isn’t for naught, it’s horrible of what he has to go through, but at least the chemo is working, right? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was an easier way so these children wouldn’t suffer? Hang in there-Courtney

  2. Logan,

    Sorry to hear that your tummy has been feeling so yucky. I hope that you are feeling better and getting your strength back from that milkshake!


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