On a night when most are getting excited about a nice break from work/school we are stressed, worried, sick, nervous about what tomorrow brings. Logan goes into surgery about 10am Wednesday to have the tumor removed. I know he will be in one of the best hospitals in the nation and under the best care but it all is still very scary. Logan seems to be doing pretty well w/ it all. We have been talking about it with him the last couple days. We let him know he will go to sleep with Mommy & Daddy holding his hand and when he wakes up we will still be there holding his hand. I told him he will not feel anything and that his tummy may be a little sore afterwards when he laughs or passes gas. He thought that was pretty funny and told me not to make him laugh. Tonight when he was taking a shower he said that is was going to be the last shower with the bad seed in his tummy.
On a night when we will not sleep much we were touched by more angels. Our wonderful neighbors Mario & Wendy shared Logan’s story with Wendy’s Mom & Step Dad Gary & Pam. They own a cabinet business in Puyallup called Master Millwork, Inc. Gary & Pam wanted to do something to help so they talked w/ the staff. The staff voted unanimously that instead of having a office Christmas party this year they would donate the funds to Logan. The staff and Master Millwork donated $3390.00! Thank You!


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  1. We are thinking about you guys today. Our prayers are with you and hope that everything turns out great. The support from the community has been amazing for you guys. We love reading your blog and care a lot about your family. Take care.
    Charlie’s dad,
    Brian Kennedy

  2. Best of luck to all of you tomorrow. Logan is a very strong kid and you will have a LOT to be thankful for on Thursday. GO LOGAN!!!!

  3. Logan – We are all right there with you, just waiting till you are out of surgery. You are our
    spiderman hero. You have taken on
    the bad seed with all the might and fury any superhero could. I
    think that you have almost got the
    battle won. Just a little while longer.

    We love you and miss you.
    Love Nana and Papa

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