Merry Christmas Eve to all. Today has been a great day for Logan. We went up to the hospital this morning to get Logan’s counts checked. He is at 400 and climbing so they said he can stop his antibiotics as well as have family over tonight to open some presents.

We also met w/ Dr. Julie Park about the spot discovered during Logan’s MIBG earlier this week and also about what to expect during stem cell.

First w/ the spot. Dr. Park is not concerned with it. She said 10 years ago they would not of even seen it because it is so small (5mm). They will however during the radiation therapy phase (spring 2008) zap that area w/ a double dose of radiation. The sight where the original tumor was they will also zap that entire area. The side effects is Logan could lose one of his kidneys as well as a small possibility of growth problems because they will be doing radiation close to the spine.

As for the stem cell we will meet w/ the team at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance Center on January 10th, 2008. About a week later (Logan’s 6th Birthday on 1/19) Logan will be admitted and given a very high dose chemotherapy…stronger than all he has received so far. This chemo will wipe out all cells and bone marrow. They will then transplant the cells from Logan’s own body that they harvested after the second chemotherapy. It will then take about 2-4 weeks for his body to show signs of cells again. During this time he will be in isolation and be limited to only very healthy visitors. It is a very dangerous time because he will not have an immune system. This chemo can also do damage to other organs so they will watch that close as well. And yes she is required to tell us, even on Christmas Eve, that in a very small amount of cases this process can be fatal. They said to plan on being in the hospital for 4 to 5 weeks for the entire process.

With all that being said we (family & staff) are very pleased w/ the progress so far. We could not express enough how proud we are of Logan. He is the true Super Hero! Also thank you to all who have supported us these last five months. We could not have made it this far without your kind thoughts and prayers. As you can see from above we will still need your continued support, thoughts, & prayers!


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  1. Merry Christmas!!! I love the video and the photos… very exciting! Logan, I can’t believe you met Santa! Wow, you are so special. I hope you all are having a great day today.
    Lots of love,

  2. i read some of this. i just really wanted to wish you a very merry christmas and i want your family to cherish it and remember it forever. remember the good parts of these tough times. im extremly sorry that this has happened to Logan and that it is affecting your family. i will pray for you. i hope that you will still have a merry christmas.
    katie littlefield

  3. Im so happy to hear you had a Merry Christmas!! You got the elusive Wii!! I just found your site so I can’t wait to show Tony. He will want to post his own message to Logan. Wishing your family a very happy and promising New year. Happy 2008!!!
    Chris Gutierrez

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