Wow what a year! 2007 is finally coming to an end. What will 2008 bring? Everyone that reads this can help bring more awareness to Neuroblastoma research. 10 years ago kids diagnosed with stage 4 Neuroblastoma like Logan only had a 10% chance to survive. With research/technology it is now 40% survival rate….still way to low.
What will 2008 bring? Well 5 weeks in January/February Logan will be getting his stem cell transplant. We then get a short break in which Make A Wish is sending Logan & family to Disneyland. Upon our return he will go through intense radiation treatment that can permanently damage his kidney and surrounding organs. We also have to make a decision early this year on whether we want to put Logan through a trial after radiation. This trail would mean he would go into the hospital once a week for 5 months and receive a experimental medicine that would put him in extreme pain (affects nerves). Studies are still going on and as we find out more we will convey it on our blog. My gut feeling so far is Logan is not a lab rat…if you can’t tell me that it will definitely increase his survival rate than NO we are not interested. It we decide not to do trial Logan will take some medicine at home and be watched closely for any tumors/cancer cell returning.

In the mean time we will be enjoying each other one day at a time during this short break from the hospital. Logan is doing amazing. Last night Grandma, Grandpa David, Dad, and Logan had a bowling competition on the Wii….Logan kicked our butts! He bowled 8 strikes and scores a 170! He is awesome!

Everyone have a safe & Happy New Year!


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  1. Have fun tonight-Is Logan going to watch the ball drop, or watch the space needle fireworks? Hopefully after Jan/Feb, you guys will have a great New Year. It is SO well deserved, we are glad to know you guys, and so grateful we can know how Logan is doing with your blog. I truly mean it when I say that Logan is such an inspiration to our family! Take care….Courtney Kennedy

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