Logan had a great weekend. He played outside all weekend w/ his neighbor Chloe. Tomorrow he goes up to UW Hospital in Seattle to get “marked”. This is where they will place a small black mark (tattoo) on him so they know exactly where to do the radiation every time. He then has a check-up over at Seattle Children’s to see how he is doing. We are hoping they take him off his IV foods because he is tolerating his NG tube foods so well.

I had a chance to attend a carnival at Logan’s school Friday night (Logan Day). Unfortunately Logan could not go because the risk of him being exposed to a virus. The carnival Fruitland had was amazing. They had a booth set-up to raise money for Logan…it was great. A father came up and told me about his son getting some money from a relative and with out thought he told his dad he wanted to give it to Logan. It is another life of many that Logan has touched. A third grade class at Fruitland also made Logan some hearts. Each student made their own and wrote a personal message to Logan. We read them to him this weekend and he loved it. He misses all his friends at school a lot! Thank You Fruitland Rams for your kind thoughts and prayers!


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  1. Hi Logan,

    I hope you come back soon. I miss you at school. I’m drawing you a card to mail to you. My family and I pray for you every day.

    I love you,
    Hannah La Tour

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