Today Logan goes up to UW Hospital for a “trial run” for his radiation. The team wants to make sure areas that need the radiation are covered (measurements are all correct). He will go through tests as well.

Logan continues to do great. It frustrates him he cannot go to school (he can only beat mom so many times at dodge ball on the Wii). His feeds have surpassed the highest they have ever been. He previously was at 60ml an hour & today he is at 65! Since he started fighting this 7 months ago he has gained 5 pounds. Our heavyweight is weighing in at 45 pounds! He dropped during some bad times to 38 but rebounded well.

Logan’s Papa & Nana are coming out for 2 weeks from New York starting March 8th to help out with the daily trips to Seattle and the little rug rat named Peyton;) I am not sure who is more excited Logan or Papa…..Logan is already talking about going golfing w/ Papa.

Many of you also follow Ben Townes progress…..congratulations on his ANC counts showing up! He has turned the corned of recovery and now start to feel better every day. Great job Ben & Family!


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  1. Hi Logan,

    Hannah La Tour is thinking about you and misses you at school! She talks about you every day.

    The La Tour Family

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