Remission….Logan is officially in REMISSION!
Today we met with Dr. Julie Park & team and heard that amazing word. Our amazing son Logan has no cancer in him at this time.
What’s next….well Logan was entered into a random lottery to see if he gets the experimental treatment as well as the normal treatment….I guess you would say we won. Logan has been selected to go through the treatment. He will be admitted this next Monday for one week to start the 5 month treatment. We will be in one week out three for 5 months (through mid August). To let you into my thoughts as I so often do I have mixed emotions. I am so glad he gets the experimental because I know we are doing everything we can to make sure his cancer does not come back. But to know I have to put my son through what is described as extreme pain for one week tears me up. To have to make Logan go back to the hospital for more treatment sucks. If we did not get the experimental Logan would start an acid treatment at home (pill form). He will still get this as well as experimental. If that were the case we could try to resume to be a somewhat normal family again. Logan could enjoy Peyton’s first summer outside and take him for rides in his John Deere Tractor. There is a reason Logan was selected…I know this. Come August when this is over I will be grateful that Kelly & I and our amazing boy Logan has done everything we can to get rid of his Neuroblastoma forever. As I say all the time and mean from the bottom of my heart….THANK YOU so much to everyone for your thoughts and prayers. For all of you that have kids please give them an extra hug tonight and tell them one thing they did today that made you feel great. Today Logan made me the proudest dad in the world because he is more than a man that I will ever be. He has made everyday an amazing day….Thank you Logan, I Love You.

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  1. Such a wonderful piece of news, Jason….your dad called me earlier to tell me, but there is such a thrill to see “remssion” there in black and white. I am so proud of you, Logan…you are just an amazing boy.


  2. Jason, it was great to run in to you this evening. Our prayers will be with Logan and the entire family.

    Andy, Trish, Claire and Jack

  3. YEAH!!!! The most beautiful word you’ll ever hear is REMISSION!!!

    And as for the experimental treatment, I know this is the hardest decision, but that is cancer’s fault, not yours. If Logan doesn’t get to enjoy the summer as you wish he could (and based on your blogging, don’t count him out!) it is because of the expletive-deleted cancer, not because of a choice mom and dad made. As a mom who’s been there, I pray you’ll be relieved from any guilt over these decisions, particularly through the days ahead. You’re in a terrible place where there is no such thing as “choice.” You have to fight back with the full arsenal of God, and that includes your best judgment and the judgment of Logan’s docs.

  4. Logan,
    You are truly an inspiring individual. You have overcome more than any adult would ever be brave enough to take on. You have proven to me that human potential is powerful. You have given me new faith. THANK YOU!!!! This news is all due in part to your bravery, attitude and your parents courage. CONGRATULATIONS LOGAN…You are a REAL HERO!!!!!!! We love you!
    Camden’s Mommy

  5. This is truly wonderful news!!!
    We have followed Logan’s courageous battle regularly, and this is the word we have been hoping to see. Doing everything you can to make sure the cancer does not come back was the right, and understandably difficult decision. Logan is an amazing boy, and he also has amazing parents.
    Our thoughts will be with you as you continue your difficult journey. Hal & Carla

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