Day 1 complete….19 more to go (they only give him the antibody 4 days during the week x the 5 visits). Logan did very well. They started the antibody at 11am and by about 1pm he was in extreme pain. A lot of chest and abdomen pain. They started him at a high dose of morphine….they started him at the highest we ever got for stem cell. They also give him more doses throughout to help even more. Basically they snowballed him w/ morphine….it worked. He fell asleep through almost the rest of the medicine dose. We finished at about 5pm. As soon as the nurse shut it off he almost instantly felt better (a half hour before she shut it off Logan sat up real quick….got dizzy…and yep lost it all over himself and his bed). So tomorrow they will load him just before the antibody and hopefully he will sleep through most of it again. It was so hard for Kelly and I to hear Logan scream in pain….Peyton even looked over at Logan worried. For every scream it is a bad cancer cell that was hiding that just died! I cannot say it enough Logan is amazing and a true superhero.


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  1. Thinking of you Logan – Connor and Ellie say hi – hope to see you on a walk soon. Hang in there – love and prayers sent your way!
    Love the Mildenberger Family

  2. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you. I hope that these difficult days go by quickly. Logan, you are so amazing.


  3. What a brave little boy and an inspiration to us all. Please know that we are still praying every day. Hannah made Logan another card today that we will mail tomorrow. We will be thinking of your family this week. If you need anything at all, let us know.

    Stacey La Tour and family

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