Hello…Logan & Dad here. Logan is here by my side telling me what to write today. Logan said it is hard swallowing down the new pills he has to take, 4 per day. He cannot chew them they have to down whole. Logan wanted to tell his older brother Josh hello. He also wanted to tell Josh he loves him. Logan is done talking now because cartoons came back on.
He has been doing pretty well the last two days. A little tummy pain here and there but no getting sick.


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  1. Logan,
    Josh loves you so much! He is so proud of you as his little brother and thinks you are so awesome and brave. He is still in bed but has to get up soon for school. He misses you but understands that you have to have time to get better! We pray for you every night and Josh believes that God is helping you to get better! He can’t wait to see you!!!

    You rock!

    Josh’s Mommy

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