Through this horrible disease we try to take positives from the experience. One of those positives is we met the Towne family…Jeff, Carin, Ryan, and their amazing son Ben. During the last 9 months there has been no one that can relate to what we are going through except them……Yesterday the Towne family received some devastating news….Ben still has cancerous cells in his bone marrow.
Ben will now automatically be entered into the experimental program that Logan was randomized into.
Words can not express our thoughts…..Ben, please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. You have an amazing Mom & Dad and you will all pull through and beat this.
To everyone that reads this blog……please send all your thoughts and prayers to Ben and his family.

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  1. Lewises: I just wanted to say thanks for the picture of Ben. I have been following and praying for both Logan and Ben, and after the wrenching news on Monday about Ben’s tests, it was such a comforting surprise to log on here and see – – not Logan, but Ben! (Don’t get me wrong — I LOVE seeing pictures of Logan, but I really had Ben on my heart that day.) Such a tangible reminder of how many people love and care about Ben and his parents, and what a caring community surrounds them.

    Hope Logan is enjoying his time away from the hospital.


  2. Hi friends,
    I’m a friend of the Townes, and have heard some of your story through them. Thank you for the love and support that you have given to my sweet friends – it’s true that you must have a special bond that no one else can truly understand.

    Logan has my prayers regularly. Sending courage and hope and peace your way today…


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