As usual no news is good news….with that being said tomorrow we start our hospital visits again. This week Logan has to go through all the tests again to make sure he is still cancer free. As you can imagine Kelly, I and family are just a little uptight. We will get results back Thursday and of course post them as soon as we have them. We are then scheduled to start treatment number 4 of 5 on Monday.

Logan has been playing hard non-stop. Yesterday we went out to Chloe’s uncles house. He lives on a lake. Logan (and family) had a great time. we took Logan out in a paddle boat, he went swimming, and his favorite he rode quads. Logan usually gets up around 7am every morning and keeps looking out his bedroom window until he see that Chloe is up. They then play non-stop until about 8pm every night. As I type this Chloe, Logan’s big brother Josh, & Logan are out playing baseball in the backyard.


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  1. It’s so wonderful to hear how much Logan has been enjoying himself! I’m glad he is having a fun summer. 🙂 I’m thinking about you guys, and of course, hoping and praying for good news this week.


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