Logan is a bit weak but doing good. He is so tough. Most of us would be in bed or on the couch and not move all day. Logan plays w/ Chloe & Peyton. Although he stops often for rests he still his a superhero! The next three weeks a relatively quite….Logan has a clinic appointment tomorrow but after that not much until his last treatment the first week of August. Thank you all for your kind words….they help all of us and bring a smiles to our faces.


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  1. Dear Logan,
    You have been SO strong! We are very very proud of you! The end of this long and painful journey of treatments is almost through … and you have been amazing throughout all of it. You give us inspiration every day.
    We love you lots and lots!
    Gramma and Grampa David

  2. Hey guys! Hopefully we will cross paths with you tomorrow. Ben has 8am/9am. Otherwise, we will see you next weekend.

    Keep it up Logan. You ARE a superhero.

    Lv, Carin

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