Well here we are back in the hospital for our last anti body treatment. I have a cold & Logan a runny nose so because of that they have put us in isolation. What this means is we get our own room but we cannot leave the room. Logan already has a little “cabin fever”. As I type this Logan is sleeping. He has had a little tummy pain off and on most the day.

Things have been great. This last weekend we went to Packwood, WA and stayed at Chloe’s grandparents cabin. Logan & Chloe went non-stop up there. They threw rocks in the river, watched the many elk, played horseshoes, roasted marsh mellows, & many other fun things.

Friday we are scheduled to go home. Awaiting Logan will be the start of his Make-A-Wish cabin! He is so excited. I am awaiting the video from Logan’s T.V. debut. When I get that I will try to post on the blog.

Thoughts & prayers have been working for Ben Towne! Below is a small snip-it from what his mom Carin wrote on his blog:
Today we find ourselves where we need to be for the first time in almost a year. Ben’s scans came back clear and his bone marrow biopsy negative.

Thank you to all for your Thoughts & Prayers for both Logan & Ben.


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  1. Dear Lewises: It is so great to think that this is Logan’s last treatment. Putting Logan through this last protocol must have been a big decision (especially after the one treatment that caused hallucinations!). I am so glad that you are now so near the end, and Logan has done so well. (And Logan with hair is even cuter than Logan without it!). We are looking forward to — the pictures of the Make A Wish cabin, and the stories of Logan’s first days at school this September! We will be praying for both Logan and Ben this week as they put one more week of inpatient treatment behind them. Hopefully, for Logan, this is the last week ever, and for Ben, the next to last week ever — at least that is what I am praying for! Please God, let it be so.)


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