Check out Logan’s new glasses! He had eye appointment last week and we found that his eyes were working 6 to 8 times harder than they should be…..the doctor stated this has nothing to do with the cancer & drugs received. Today dad & mom had their eye appointments. Mom eyes are perfect and well dad needs 2 pair of glasses. One for reading the other for driving, golfing etc. The doctor said they will improve my golf game;)
Logan & family continue to do great!


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  1. Dear Logan,
    Looking good!! Hope this helps you see better … and that your Dad’s glasses help him with his golf game!
    We can’t wait to see you next month …
    Love you,
    Gramma and Grampa David

  2. Logan-
    They look great! And I am sure you
    can see a lot better now. I bet
    they will help your golf game too!
    18 days… And we are Polar Bowling…. See ya soon.

    Love You Nana

  3. Logan-
    You look like a super hero in your new glasses!! I am so honored to have met you last week, you and your family amaze me! I hope to be a part of your Relay for Life team down in Puyallup this year!

    East Main Vision Clinic

  4. Oh my how happy this makes my heart. We are all so happy for you all. Logan you look GOOD in those glasses. If Peyton could he’d reach right through this computer monitor and give you a giant high 5!

    Cindy and Peyton Holshouser

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