Logan’s scans came back clear…. still in REMISSION. Logan has now been cancer free for 1 year!! We are VERY thankful….

Thank you all for your support…… we know you wait as we do when Logan gets his scans.


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  1. Great Job Logan!
    Nana and Papa are very very happy.
    Can’t wait to see you again. PS
    nana only has to open the last
    bowling lane. All my guys are open. Keep in touch with your progress. I am sure you are already a head of me.

    Love Nana

  2. YAY!!!! We are so happy for you too!!! We have been thinking about you…not to mention running for you!!! I have been training for that marathon in your honor and my legs are tired!!!!:):) Can’t wait to see you!!

    Ann (Edlund) Davidson

  3. Wednesday was my birthday and this is the best gift I could have gotten!!! GO LOGAN!
    Love to you, Camden’s Mommy Hope

  4. Congratulations Logan!! We are so happy for you. Hope you have a wonderful Blessed Easter!!!
    Love the Mildenberger family

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