Roller Coaster…..


Logan is doing well.  His ANC counts (fights infection) have been going down….then up.  We anticipate them to drop completely soon.  Once below 1000 he has to go to emergency room if he gets a fever.  After last radiation treatment he hit zero about 5 weeks after but skyrocketed within 48 hours to healthy counts.  He is completely off all medications right now and actually starting to get his appetite back.

Yesterday was a long day for Logan (and mom) as they had a near 12 hour day at Seattle Children’s Hospital.  Logan received a stem cell transplant as well as platelets.  Before and during transfusion he gets multiple doses of Benadryl.   The above picture is him relaxing/sleeping during the transfusion.  Such a handsome young man;).


Tired and Weak…….

Logan is enjoying his time at home…..This round of radiation/chemo seems to be beating him up a little more than last time.  He has been very weak and tired.  He will finish the oral chemo this weekend.  Then if his body reacts like last round his counts will go down about 2 weeks following that.

We are hoping to hear the words REMISSION when they re-stage him later in March.  Also once his counts recover we are also hoping Logan can go back to school!  He is REALLY excited to go back as he misses his friends and teachers.

As usual throughout the weakness he keeps his amazing attitude and smile.


Hero’s among us…..

I wanted to tell you about a relationship between Logan and 89 year, Lt Col Robert “Gray” Sowers.  Logan was introduced to Gray through my mom and step father.  When Logan first beat cancer I transposed my blog I kept into four books.  These books were shared with Gray and he instantly became one of Logan’s biggest supporters.  As you will read below Gray his pretty amazing himself.  For the past 5 years Logan and Gray have developed a great relationship.  We now have adopted him into our family and Logan refers to him as “Grandpa Gray”.    

Lt Col Robert “Gray” Sowers
Gray comes from a small community in North Carolina called Churchland.  He joined the Army Air Force in 1945 to become a pilot but was soon released from the service when it became obvious that there was no requirement for new pilots.  By 1948 there was again a need for pilot candidates so he enlisted in the new U.S. Air Force as an aviation cadet, graduating as a pilot and 2/Lt in 1949.  He was assigned as an instructor in the Training Command for 2 years, teaching cadets to fly the T-6. This was followed by a combat assignment to Korea where he flew 55 night combat missions in the B-26. 
Upon return to the states he resumed training duties for over 6 years at several AF bases, flying the T-6, the B-25 and the T-33.  This was followed by an operational assignment flying the B-47 bombers for the Strategic Air Command (SAC) at Little Rock AFB, Arkansas.  He was then selected as one of the original pilots to fly the Air Force’s newest and most advanced aircraft, the B-58 supersonic bomber.  He was the 5th pilot in SAC to fly the plane.  During this assignment he was selected to establish a number of world speed record flights in the B-58.  For this accomplishment, he was awarded the prestigious Bendix Trophy and the Mackay trophy for speed run flights between Los Angeles and New York (2:00:58 seconds), and return (2:15:50 seconds).
His wide experiences as an instructor pilot in many aircraft and his recent experiences in the supersonic B-58, warranted his selection to become the original instructor pilot in the Air Force’s fastest and highest flying aircraft, the Mach 3 SR-71 Blackbird reconnaissance aircraft.  He became the primary instructor to initially train the developing crew force to fly this most advanced airplane.  On one occasion, when flying at 80,000 feet and over 2,000 mph, a total electrical failure occurred which make it impossible to transfer available fuel to the engines. This resulted in a double engine flameout.  He successfully maneuvered the plane to an isolated area where it crashed after he had directed the student to eject.  Although the aircraft was lost, both crew members survived uninjured.
In his Air Force career, has been an instructor in the T-6, T-38, T-33, TF 102, B-25, B-26, B-47, B-58 and the SR-71 aircraft. Lt Col Sowers last assignment in the Air Force was as an SR-71 Squadron Commander. 
Following his military service he was the pilot for the country singer, Charley Pride, for 15 years.
Want to see/read more about Gray….Google Robert Sowers Bendix Trophy and watch the YouTube video!!!!
I just wanted to share this special relationship between Logan and Grandpa Gray….They are both hero’s and an inspiration for many!



Logan is all situated in his room and will be receiving his radiation in about an hour.  He started his oral chemo this last Sunday and it definitely has taken some energy out of him.  They will continue to give him nausea medicine 24/7 to try and stay ahead of any sickness.  We are looking at same time-frame as first radiation of hopefully a discharge of this Saturday.  Child-life managed to get him another x-box one as well as set him up with an iPad to communicate with friends and family via Skype and Facebook.  Goal for this round is to eliminate the cancer completely and hear the word “REMISSION” when scans are completed in about 6-8 weeks.


Curie Scoring…….


The above picture is of a scoring system that the Neuroblastoma doctors use after an MIBG scan to determine how much cancer is present in the body.  The max score (worst) a patient can have is a 30.  They divide the body into 10 segments (head segment 1, right/left forearms segment 7 etc.).  Each segment is scored a 0-3.

0 = no evidence of disease

1 = distinct lesion

2 = 2 distinct lesions

3 = over 50% of the segment has cancer (lesions) present

Back when Logan relapsed in late July 2015 he was scored a 20 with cancer in most parts of his body.  Yesterday after scans they scored him a 1!  Basically 1 small lesion on his hip/femur area.

Logan’s doctor was ecstatic with the results!


Great News!!!!!!!

Logan only has a small spot of cancer left in his femur!  That’s it!!!  Dr. Park said this is the best possible news we could of received.  We are happy, ecstatic, thankful…words cannot describe.

He will now start chemo on Saturday and be admitted Monday to do the radiation gain…hopefully to rid of cancer FOREVER!


Anxious, Waiting…..

Today we are anxious.  We await the scan results to see what’s next in Logan’s treatment.  As I type this Logan & mom are up at Seattle Children’s Hospital completing scans.  We should receive results by about 1pm today.  We are hoping/praying to hear that his cancer has been significantly reduced and he will be admitted next week to do the radiation in the lead room again.  If we do not hear that news we will move onto the next experimental treatment which is the immunotherapy.



No Medications!!!!

Logan is doing great!  This Thursday thru Monday, for the first time since this Summer, will not need to take ANY medications during the day!  His appetite is back and he feels awesome.  He will not need to take any medications until his Birthday next Tuesday the 19th!

Next week will be the re-staging week.  He will do all of his scans to see if the week spent in the lead room worked.  If it did work he will do another week in the lead room.  If it did not work then he will start the T-cell immunotherapy.


Hospital Break…..Sort Of

Happy New Year!

Logan is on a small two week break from the hospital…sort of.  He does have to go up next Monday for a quick check-up.  What will he do with his time?  A lot of Xbox, Family, & Friends.  He feels great so hopefully a lot of activity as well.  He will also be turning 14 on January 19th!  Mom and Logan are currently working on party plans:).