Change of plans…..

Logan’s platelets were low yesterday so Logan & mom had to go up last minute for a quick transfusion.  While up there one of Logan’s nurses came in and mentioned “see you Monday for admit”.  Kelly looked at her surprised/confused as last discussion was rest/recovery and admit mid to late October.  Come to find out Logan’s team of doctor’s & nurses met yesterday morning. They think it’s better we continue to “hit” him with treatment as at this stage his cancer has a high probability of returning aggressively.

Logan’s main doctor finally came in later in the transfusion and discussed the new plan with Kelly (Logan was sleeping due to dose of Benadryl).  Since they still want Logan to gain a little more weight they are going to push admit back one more week.  So now Logan will be admitted on Monday, October 3rd for the whole week.  He will receive the full dose of Antibodies but just 1/2 dose of chemo he received before.  Then the week of October 10th they will look at transfusing his cells that were frozen back into him.

So as with this past year our schedules/life shift on the fly.

As always….thoughts and prayers always appreciated/needed.


Next steps……

We have now met with Logan’s team of doctors and have started planning out next steps…..

First, before I describe those steps discussed…..Logan’s two main doctors were both at a cancer conference in Atlanta this past week.  Both of their emails started “blowing up” about Logan’s results as they became available this past Wednesday.  They were “low fiving” under the table as the emails kept popping up.  They are very encouraged by his results.

Next steps:

Logan will continue to do the antibody treatment combined with a smaller dose of chemo.  We will not be doing it every 3rd week as before.  They will let Logan’s body recover and goal is to do it every 4 to 6 weeks up to 4 more times.  So that puts up back in the hospital mid to late October.  The purpose of continuing is Logan’s type of cancer hides really well so if Logan’s body can tolerate it they want to keep “hitting” anything hiding.

We are also going to keep a very close eye on Logan’s recovery.  He is really struggling producing platelets, red blood cells, and getting his white cell counts up.  They do not want his body to become transfuse dependent.

Lastly they still have two bags of Logan’s stem cells they harvested some time ago frozen.  They are discussing the option of transfusing these back into him to see if that will “jump start” his system.

Everything going forward continues to be an experiment as they have not seen this result with other kids that have gone through these many treatments.

Great news is if Logan’s white blood cell counts are up Monday morning he will be attending school Monday afternoon.  Mom and him went school shopping today!!!!!

THANK YOU to everyone for the messages.  Our family reads everyone of them!


Logan is a walking miracle…….

Yesterday we received the best news possible.  The “last ditch” effort of issuing antibodies/chemo in hope to slow the cancer from spreading so rapidly worked….actually it did better than that.  Logan’s scans and bone marrow showed NO EVIDENCE OF DISEASE!!!!!  We are speechless!

Just last week while meeting with his team of doctors there was discussion around how much the treatment was taking a toll and quality of life.

What’s next….we do not know.  We hung up with his tearful nurse last night and celebrated the news.  Logan’s blood/platelets counts are still very low.  His weight is at an all time low.

In the meantime we celebrate with all of you!  Your thoughts and prayers have worked!  Logan is a miracle!

Thank you to everyone who has shared Logan’s story & fight.


Hopefully coming home today…..


It’s been an up and down week for Logan.  He finished up treatment Friday night but based on how he felt last time it was planned he stay a couple extra days for hydration.  So that brings us to today.  He is hydrated for the most part.  He just received platelets, as they were low as well.  But now his team is having trouble controlling his pain.  Logan is never one to complain of pain.  They do a pain scale with him 0 being no pain 10 being awful.  He almost always is a 0.  I think the highest I have ever heard him go was a 5 (and that was with a broken femur).  Today is is at an 8.  It is not consistent as it comes and goes.  They doctors are hesitant to send him home until the pain is controlled.

Is is getting his appetite back.  Logan is not one for the hospital food so he always sends his mom out to get what he is craving.  Today he decided to give the hospital food another try and he ordered nachos.   Who knew he would get one huge cheese chip;).

Thoughts and prayers the pain will go away to Logan & mom can come home….


Back in the hospital…..

Logan was admitted this morning for round 2 of his antibody treatment.  Before they proceed with his chemo he is receiving platelets and blood as both of these were very low.  During the Q&A with the doctor Logan was asked if he had any pain.  He does not.  If he had any pain they would not have proceeded.

Logan had a great weekend.  His strength/energy is very close to normal.  He continues to eat great as well.

We are hoping this treatment is a little easier on his body than the last.  The team of doctors have altered the chemo dose as well as the pain medication.  They will also be administering the antibody over a 10 hour period vs the 20 hour period like last time.  He will more than likely get another fever.  If his blood pressure drops to low they will stop the procedure.

He continues to inspire me everyday with his positive attitude and strength.  I am the luckiest dad in the world to call him my son.


Not sure what’s next…..

Unfortunately we are not sure if Logan will be admitted on Monday.  Logan and Kelly spent most the day at the hospital but some miscommunication has left us not knowing what’s next.  We are awaiting a call from his team.  He did receive platelets today.  He is close to needing blood and his ANC is pretty low so they/we will keep a close eye on that.

Yes, you can read into this post…we are a bit frustrated with the communication.  We know that Logan is not the only patient…but he is our TOP priority.  When there is a lack of communication we get extremely frustrated.  So right now plan is to admit Monday, but we are not sure.  Logan of course is cool with whatever.  He would actually prefer to wait another week to gain back strength.

We know that he is under some of the best care in the world….We as any parent want ALL of their attention.

I will update everyone when I find out more.  In the meantime Logan is enjoying Xbox time:).


Feeling Better……


Everyday is a little better than the one before.  Although still pretty weak Logan is now back to playing Xbox and spending a little time with friends.  He is also eating great which we all love!

On Friday Logan & Mom went to Seattle for a blood draw and to continue to discuss next steps with Logan’s team of doctors and nurses.  Logan’s blood results maintained and he did not need any transfusions.

So the plan is for him to do the antibody treatment again next week.  The team will alter his medications and the duration he receives the antibody.  The goal is no hallucinations and quicker recovery time.  They will be administering the antibody over a 10 hour span vs. the 20 hour span last time.  They are going to try a different pain medication than morphine.

Unfortunately the chemo Logan received this last time is causing him to lose his hair.  This, as you can imagine, is very upsetting for a 14 year old teenager.  He asked for his head to be shaved….I think he still is handsome as ever!


One day at a time……

Logan continues to feel pretty weak and tired.  He met with his doctor today at Seattle Children’s Hospital and recapped last week while he was admitted.  His main doctor, Dr. Julie Park, was out on vacation while he was in patient.

She is very concerned with how he responded to the antibody treatment and the side effects he has experienced.  Mainly the hallucinations and the recovery time to gain his strength back.

Over the next couple weeks (before next scheduled admittance) we will continue to partner with Dr. Park and her team how we should proceed.  She is concerned his body possibly cannot handle more treatment.

One day at a time…..


Logan is home….

Sorry I did not update yesterday.  Logan and I got back home last night.  He received lots of fluids and platelets.  Both made him feel a little better.  The platelets made the rashes/spots on his body go almost completely away.  He is still pretty weak but hour by hour getting stronger.  We even managed some Xbox time last night.  Today the plan is more rest.  Tomorrow he has a check-up with Dr. Park to discuss last weeks treatment as well as moving forward.

Thank you ALL for the thoughts and prayer….