Platelets going the wrong way?!?

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Logan had some blood work this morning and unfortunately his platelets went down 6000.  Logan continues to feel great though.  So after conversation between Dr. Park and Logan she wants him to enjoy his summer and they will reevaluate probably late July if he continues to feel good.  She is hoping to get him stronger before they move onto another experiment.  We have a family/friends trip planned to Lake Chelan July 16th-23rd.  The plan is to have scans done upon our return to see if cancer has remained the same.  So we will continue to try and live life as close to normal as possible, not knowing what tomorrow, next week, next year has in store.  One day at a time…….

Above pictures are from a brief family getaway to Seattle this past weekend.


It’s been awhile……

It’s been awhile since my last post.  Logan is doing/feeling great!  He will be finishing up 8th grade this Thursday.

Last week Logan had blood work done to check his platelets.  They are recovering….slowly.  He needs to be at certain levels to go onto the next experimental treatment.  He is not there yet.  In partnership with his doctor we will wait another two weeks then reevaluate platelets/strength at that time.  The reason for the slow recovery is the two times in the radiation room REALLY wiped out his body.  His doctor currently is in Australia at a conference with the best Neuroblastoma doctors in the world.  They are all sharing their trials/results.  Hopefully she returns with some great news of other options we can pursue.

So currently he/we will start our summer vacation not knowing what’s next.  Unfortunately this means very little or no planning for vacations/getaways.


Great Weekend Escape……




We had an amazing weekend escape to Seabrook, WA.  We cannot thank the Kern’s family enough for allowing us the use of their house.  It was beautiful!  Fun was had by all as Kelly’s parents joined us from upstate NY.  Some of the many things we did…..card games, bocce ball contests, magic shows, Xbox, arcade games, huge seafood bake, smores, zip lining, lots of beach time and walks.  It was awesome!

Both the boys have another day off from school today and will be heading to the movies with Papa, Nana & Mom.  Logan will now finish out the rest of his 8th grade school year with minimum hospital disruptions.  The plan is to let his body recover from all of the back to back treatments.  If/when his platelets recover to a normal range we will look at some more experimental options.  Logan has been and will continue to be involved in all decision making.  He continues to amaze!

Thank you all for the continue thoughts & prayers!


Cancer still present…..

Unfortunately there is still signs of Neuroblastoma on Logan’s hip.  Of course we were hoping/praying for remission.  That will come in time.  Right now we are discussing next steps with Dr. Park.  As expected Logan continues to amaze with his maturity in discussion in next steps.  Glass 1/2 full…..there are other option/trials.  Before we go forward on anything they want Logan’s body to recover a little longer as his platelets remain low as his body is still recovering from the immunotherapy.


The long wait…..

Logan will be finishing up his testing at about 1pm PST today.  We are scheduled to get his results around 3pm PST.  I hope to update his blog soon there after……This will be a VERY long day.



The week before the week…..

Next Monday thru Wednesday Logan will be completing all of his scans yet again to see if the experimental immunotherapy got rid of the remaining cancer.  There will be a meeting at 3 pm on Wednesday to discuss results and next steps.

If no cancer….we celebrate….A LOT!  He will then be monitored over the years to make sure he remains in remission.

If cancer still remains we are not sure what path we take and of course that will be discussed with Dr. Park and her team.

Life is like walking on eggshells right now.  Not knowing how to react/respond.  We cannot really book any family vacations until we know what we will be doing.  Everything is basically planned week by week.

Many of you ask “How is Logan doing?”.  If you have ever had the privilege to meet him you would be amazed by his maturity.  You would never guess he has/had cancer.  He might bring it up in conversation and then proceed to have a very intelligent conversion about his battle with you.  Then he may go down the road of discussing cool cars or video games:).  He is an amazing young man and an inspiration to all!

Sorry this post has gone in many different directions, that is where my mind is these days….not knowing what tomorrow holds.


Great Weekend!

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Logan and family had a great weekend!  The picture above is from the LoganFest 5k run/walk.  THANK YOU TO ALL WHO PARTICIPATED!  A special thanks to the Kalles Jr. High staff who has been amazing throughout our fight.  After LoganFest we enjoyed a Mother’s Day breakfast and then spent most the afternoon relaxing.

On Saturday Logan and a great friend went and looked at exotic cars.  I sent Logan with $20 to make a down payment on his favorite Lamborghini or Ferrari.  In between Logan spent time with friends so by last night he was sore and exhausted.

Mom and Logan are up at the hospital today for a quick check-up then Logan will be in school the rest of the week.

Thank you all for the continued thoughts and prayers!


You’re New Xbox Champion is……

Logan is doing great!  He is starting to get energy back.  Logan & Mom will be making the trip north to the hospital tomorrow to do some blood work and check his ANC counts.  We are expecting them to be at or near zero…but as many of you know that follow Logan’s fight he tends to surprise everyone:).  Since his counts are probably low he has not been attending school but instead getting A LOT of Xbox time…..A LOT!  He has expressed interest in becoming a game designer someday so technically all this gaming he is doing currently is research.

Results from his T-cell should be coming in the week before Memorial Day weekend.  Kelly’s parents will be making the trip out from upstate New York to spend that week with us.  A friend from high school is graciously letting us use his home on the Pacific Ocean so we will escape there for the week.

Thank you as always for the continued thoughts and prayers.


Flu Like Symptoms……

Two days post T-cell infusion Logan is feeling pretty yucky.  His temperature hovered around 100 degrees last night prompting mom/Logan to check about every 30 minutes.  Good news is this morning he woke up to a normal temperature.  At this mornings check-up in Seattle Dr. Park said all symptoms are normal.  He does however need hydrate a little better.  Logan’s does still sometimes have an appetite.  He did want to join me for lunch at the Olive Garden today (one of his favorite places) but had to cancel last minute due to not feeling so well.  If he continues to stay below 100.4 body temperature Logan & Mom will have a four day rest from driving to Seattle everyday.

Hope to see/meet many of you at the LoganFest Run/Walk/Drive (in my case;)) on Mother’s Day.  Be sure to register here:

LoganFest Run/Walk