You’re New Xbox Champion is……

Logan is doing great!  He is starting to get energy back.  Logan & Mom will be making the trip north to the hospital tomorrow to do some blood work and check his ANC counts.  We are expecting them to be at or near zero…but as many of you know that follow Logan’s fight he tends to surprise everyone:).  Since his counts are probably low he has not been attending school but instead getting A LOT of Xbox time…..A LOT!  He has expressed interest in becoming a game designer someday so technically all this gaming he is doing currently is research.

Results from his T-cell should be coming in the week before Memorial Day weekend.  Kelly’s parents will be making the trip out from upstate New York to spend that week with us.  A friend from high school is graciously letting us use his home on the Pacific Ocean so we will escape there for the week.

Thank you as always for the continued thoughts and prayers.


Flu Like Symptoms……

Two days post T-cell infusion Logan is feeling pretty yucky.  His temperature hovered around 100 degrees last night prompting mom/Logan to check about every 30 minutes.  Good news is this morning he woke up to a normal temperature.  At this mornings check-up in Seattle Dr. Park said all symptoms are normal.  He does however need hydrate a little better.  Logan’s does still sometimes have an appetite.  He did want to join me for lunch at the Olive Garden today (one of his favorite places) but had to cancel last minute due to not feeling so well.  If he continues to stay below 100.4 body temperature Logan & Mom will have a four day rest from driving to Seattle everyday.

Hope to see/meet many of you at the LoganFest Run/Walk/Drive (in my case;)) on Mother’s Day.  Be sure to register here:

LoganFest Run/Walk


Chemo complete….feeling ok.

Logan has completed his four day chemo treatment.  As usual he did amazing and stayed positive through it all.  Yesterday afternoon he was a little nauseated but other than that he’s been feeling good.  Today mom & Logan are up for a quick blood draw and meeting with Dr. Park.  Tomorrow, all day, will be spent transfusing his reprogrammed T-cells back into him.

Dare I say I hope he never has to have chemo again!  I hope his hair grows back even thicker than it ever has before.  I hope his cancer will be gone forever.  I hope someday he get’s married to the love of his life.


Here we go again…..

Life was starting to get back to normalcy….somewhat.  Tomorrow Logan will be starting yet another round of chemo as he continues to battle and inspire.  He will get four doses.  One each day Thursday through Saturday.  Saturday & Sunday will be inpatient.  On Tuesday he will then receive his “re-programmed” T-cells that hopefully will extinguish what little remaining cancer is left.

Logan will be the first child to receive the highest dose approved recently by the FDA.  He will have 1.5 million of his T-cells transfused back into him.  There was another patient who recently had 1 million T-cells transfused but unfortunately the experiment did not work for that kid.  This patient was under different circumstances than Logan though as they still had cancer everywhere in their body.  Unfortunately the last scan showed that this child’s Neuroblastoma actually increased.

The family spent most of Spring Break down in Tucson with Grandma Kathy (my mom), Grandpa David (my step-dad), & Grandpa Gray (our adopted Grandpa;)).  We had a great time visiting and chasing the sun.

LOGANFEST IX 5k Fun Run/Walk at Kalles Jr. High will be on Mother’s Day again this year.


Thank you all for the continued thoughts & prayers!


Next Treatment….

Kelly & I met with Dr. Julie Park this morning briefly to discuss options for Logan as well a more detailed description of the immunotherapy treatment he will be doing (she was getting ready to head out to meet VP Joe Biden to discuss cancer research at Fred Hutch/Seattle Children’s:)).  Below is what we know so far….

Logan just has a small lesion on his left hip that’s visible.  To quote Dr. Park, “This is truly the best results to MIBG treatment we have ever seen!”.  So this is obviously GREAT news.  Yes remission would of been the best news but Logan’s results are still amazing.

Questions we asked Dr. Park:

Why not just radiate that spot? Why not do the lead room procedure again?

More than likely that spot is immune to radiation because it has already received such high doses and odds are it will resist more radiation.

Why not remove the portion of the hip bone where the lesion is present?

The type of cancer Logan has, Neuroblastoma, hides very well so removing that portion of the bone will not necessarily get rid of the cancer.

So next will be the T-cell immunotherapy.  Logan will start the Thursday April 7th.  He will get outpatient chemo both that Thursday as well as Friday the 8th.  He will then be admitted Saturday the 9th – Sunday the 10th to get inpatient chemo.  The purpose of the chemo is to wipe out/kill cells in his body to make room for the T-cells.  Monday the 11th will be a normal clinic visit and then Tuesday, April 12th is when he will get the re-programmed T-cells infused.  Over the next 2 weeks after that he will be at home (a couple of clinic visits in between) and be closely watch for fevers.  His ANC counts will drop and are expected to come back up the week of April 25th.  He will lose his hair again because of this chemo.  They will look at re-staging him the week of May 23rd to see if the cancer is gone.

Thank you for the continued thoughts and prayers….


Not the results we were hoping for…..

So the spot on Logan’s left hip still remains.  Good news, it has gotten even smaller….bad news it’s still there.  So he will have about 2 weeks off and then start the immunotherapy.  This will require more chemo and then the T-cells that were harvested late last year will be re-introduced into him as reprogrammed Super T-cells.   Side effects from the chemo/treatment will probably be loss of hair as well as nausea/weakness.

Logan continues to remain positive and in great spirits.  Once again his strength and positive attitude are amazing!

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers and we hope to see many of you at Logan Fest basketball tournament this Friday & Saturday at Kalles!


Watch out school….here comes Logan!!!!!

Logan’s counts finally dropped below 500 today (460 to be exact).  This was the number he needed to drop below in order to get the shot that will boost his ANC counts drastically back up.  If he responds like last time he should be about 8000 by about Thursday.

He is spending the weekend at a youth group camp with his friend Logan (no typo as they have the same first and middle name).  He then will start school next Monday!  He is a bit nervous but also excited.  The students and faculty at Kalles are super excited to have him back!!!!

Also get you basketball teams ready as LoganFest Basketball tournament is just 3 weeks away!  Hope to see many of you there.  Here is a link for registration and more information.

Thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers!