Good News! Logan’s ANC count is at 1400 so he will get to go to open house at school tonight as well as the first day of Kindergarten! Kelly and I will get pictures and post them on the blog. He will need to leave a 1/2 hour early from school tomorrow to get to hospital by noon because he needs a platelet transfusion and possibly a blood transfusion to get him ready for stem cell harvesting that will probably take place on Thursday. As stated one day at a time and today we are so excited he gets to go to school.


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  1. We’re SOOO happy that little Logan is feeling better and gets to go to his 1st day of school!! Please know that our thoughts are with you and we pray every day for Logan.
    Sending much love,
    Dawn & Jimmy

  2. Logan,

    We are so happy you are going to school with Sydney tomorrow. We cannot wait to hear about your big day!!!!

    Valerie and Grace

  3. Logan!

    I am so happy for you! I hope you have the best first day of school! I hope you tell your mom and dad everything so we can hear about it!I’m so proud of you! keep on having great days Logan!

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