First day of school! Enjoy the picture. This was taken this morning just before we left. He is wearing his backpack as well. Mom, Dad, Peyton, & Aunt Traci were there to wish him well (as well as cousin Sydney who is in his class). He was so excited!

As I am typing this Kelly just called me and Logan was out at recess and fell and twisted his ankle and broke his shoe. His ankle is bruised. Kelly is on the way to get him right now and they are going to head up to Seattle for his transfusion. I am sure Logan will be o.k.

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  1. hey log, its your big brother just saying that i cant wait to see you on saturday and im really happy that you get to go to school. here are some cool symbols i made up ({[]}), [({})], ([{}])

    hope you like them i love you

    love josh

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