Logan (and Mom) had a great day at school. All the kids are partnered up w/ a fourth grader (buddy system). Today Logan met his 4th grade buddy and it went great. Another fourth grader asked Logan what the tube was for in his nose. Logan told him it was so he can eat. The response of that fourth grader “That is cool!” Logan thought that was neat. Logan, Peyton, Kelly, & Grandma are up at Seattle Children’s getting a platelet transfusion right now and then Logan and I will go back up in the morning for a red blood cell transfusion. They anticipate that will be it for the week. They might admit Logan next Saturday to start round four of chemo. If this is the case Logan will get to go to school all week.
More great news…..Logan’s bone marrow results came back today. Initially the cancer was in approximately 85% of the marrow. The new test showed it is in less than 5%!


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  1. Logan is a beautiful boy!! Congratulation for a great day with mom. Those are the best. Many positive thoughts for your family!!!!

  2. Logan: Good morning! I have been friends with your Nana and Papa from NY for a very long time and have been reading your daily accomplishments. Small steps make BIG progress.

    Tell dad to get that PO Box set up, okay?

    I have been praying to be able to read this blog “less than 5%”. GREAT JOB LOGAN!!!

    Continued progress and say hi to your Mom for me. I knew her when SHE was a little girl.


  3. Hi Logan,

    You are SO strong through all of this — you did great today! Not only did your bone marrow report come back great, but you even gained two pounds! Keep up the good work!!
    Love you,
    Grandma and Grandpa David

  4. logan! i wish I could see you so I can give you a HUGE HUG! I am so proud of you!I think of you all the time and pray for a speedy recovery! you are truly one amazing kid who is surrounded by loving family and friends! I cant wait to hear more of your school story’s and amazing recovery! we all love you Logan!
    keep on eating and getting stronger!
    love Ashli Gist

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