Today is a day that will make a grown man cry….Blood transfusion went great this morning. After that we went to Logan’s friends Chloe’s 5th birthday party. She is our neighbor and one of Logan’s best friends. She asked her parents if she could give all of her presents to Logan. Her parents asked her how about instead we ask family’s to donate to Logan. She thought that was perfect. At age 5, especially at your birthday it is all about you. Chloe made her special day about Logan. She is one amazing little girl. THANK YOU CHLOE, MARIO (DAD), WENDY (MOM), & BABY KENNEDY (LITTLE SISTER). Thank you all who attended and wished Logan well. Logan played very hard at the party and had a blast! HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY CHLOE!

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  1. hey uncle jason tell chloe that shes so generous i would never have done that on my fifth birthday


    ps thats a good idea for my bday

  2. Logan, Chloe couldn’t have had a better 5th birthday! She had so much fun spending her day with you. Some of her best times are simply just hanging out with you! We are so glad that you were able to be there and be apart of this day. It was great seeing you tonight and we look forward to seeing you this week. Chloe is already excited about playing and having dinner with you! Love Chloe and the Casello Family!

  3. Chloe – Logan is very lucky to have such a great friend like you.
    I hope that you get everything you wished for. You are a very special young lady.

    Thank You
    Logans Nana and Papa

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