Day 7 of no hospitals / appt / or any illness. We are having a great time relaxing and having our family whole. Logan has been eating, we love to see that. We are still keeping him on his NG tube. He is still alittle guy and we need some more weight on him, but he is doing very well. It is nice to see him have interest in food again. Logan’s papa in New York had a stroke last night, so Logan called him this morning in the hospital to give him some moral support, it was cute. “Hospitals aren’t scary Papa”. * Papa is doing well and is planning on being released this afternoon. Logan is back to school tomorrow for another whole week, what a blessing. No appts. next week either, we are not scheduled back until the 10th, yeah!
P.S, I LOVE YOU PAPA, be sure to put stickers on the backs of the doctors shirts. Love, Logan


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  1. Papa has gone home and doing well.
    He will return to work very soon just like you are in school. I reminded Papa how brave you were and that really helped him be brave too. You were papas inspiration. Thank you Logan.

    Love Nana

  2. IT is so great to see that logan is doing so well!! I got to meet him when he came to our school (Kalles jr. high) i am so glad that our school is supporting logan and i plan to do whatever i can to help with all of the fund- raisers. It is so great that he is out of the doctors for a while…. I am sure he needed a break…now you guys can relax and enjoy being a family, especially around CHRISTMAS!!! i hope you have a great holiday season all of you!!!

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