Sorry we have not updated the blog lately. We have been enjoying being a normal family again. Tonight we went to Zoolights at the Point Defiance Zoo with Logan’s friends Alexa & Elise and their families. Logan had a great time and was sleeping in the car 5 minutes after we left. He has been going to school every day and loving it. Thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers!

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  1. Logan,

    Just like you papa has returned to
    work today. Thursday he will have
    a Dr. appointment to see if they
    can figure what was wrong. Just like you he will have to have test. But, I am not sure that Papa is as brave as you are. You will have to give him some more advice on how to handle the drs and nurses. I am going to get papa stickers tonight to put on the backs of the dr. like you suggested. Thanks again Logan. You are a pro. Love you Nana

  2. At first, when I heard Logan’s story, I thought it was a practical joke. But now, I believe in you and I hope every day for you to get better. Keep holding on, you rock!
    Eden -AWS

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