Tonight’s dinner of Salisbury Steak…..Mmmmmmm!
I am back with Logan….wow he looks good. He played so hard today riding bikes that he has just fallen asleep here at 5pm. This has been common the last couple of nights as he slowly gets back his energy. Thank Aunt Kristi for staying w/ Logan the last two nights. It means the world to Kelly & I to have you here helping us….as well as means the world to Logan.

As of today we are still pacing to hopefully get out by early next week. He should be completely off the Morphine by Monday. They are going to put back in his NG tube on Thursday so he can start having nutrients go right to his tummy and get the intestines working again.


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  1. Hi Logan & Dad!
    We are missing you! Thank you, Kristi, for helping take care of Logan the past couple of days. It looks like Logan is well on the road to recovery. We are hopeful and thankful …
    We’re in Ashland … hoping to tackle the Siskyou Mtns. tomorrow.
    Love you,
    Mom and David

  2. Ohhhh…..can I just say that we SO do NOT miss that wonderful hospital food. We’d always say to each other, “this is a kids hospital! Why isn’t there ‘kid’ food?!” eeesh.
    Great news on the Logan front though! We’ll keep hoping for that green light for next week!
    Courtney Kennedy

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