Internet is back-up at the hospital! Wow you feel like you are cut-off when the internet is down. Thank you to my wife, Kelly, for updating everyone yesterday. Sorry to worry everyone. Logan, as you can see, is doing much better. The dentist just came in and said his mouth is looking great and there are very little sores. He did get sick last night as expected but this morning has been doing great. They have been giving him his medicine through his NG tube vs. IV and he has been tolerating it which is great. We will probably start feeds today to see how his tummy does. Logan wants to send a special Thank You out to his older brother Josh who drew him an awesome picture. Logan saw it on Friday on instantly hung it up by his bed. Well it is good to be back connected. This blog is not only a way to keep everyone informed it is also a way for me to release my thoughts….it makes me feel better as well.


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  1. Hi!

    It’s so wonderful to hear that Logan has been feeling better! Our internet here in Ithaca has been going out as well.

    Logan, you are SO amazing and doing such a great job. There are a lot of people out here who are so proud of you! Glad to hear that you will be going home soon. 🙂


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