Hello. So sorry we have not updated the blog. We have received multiple calls and e-mails with concerns about Logan’s treatment…. he is doing great! Unfortunately the internet has been down at the hospital. Thank you for all of your concern, we are thankful for all of the support and well wishes.
Here’s the update….Logan is doing well, we are expecting to be discharged….. if all goes well either Tues or Weds. We have been waiting for Logan to be weaned off of the Morphine. This is a slow process to avoid any withdrawal, he seems to be doing well. Lets see… no fevers, great blood pressure for many days now. We put Logan’s NG tube back in on Thursday to make it easier to give him his medicine and to start his feeds again. Due to the remaining muchisitis (he has been throwing up the remaining muchisitis early in the morning and late at night. He seems to be fine during the day, this is all anticipated). We have not started his feedings as of yet, we hope to start this possibly tomorrow (he did show interest in eating a rice crispy treat this afternoon and had some water, but he has not had anything to eat or had anything going into his stomach for 3 weeks). As the staff has said multiple times, Logan is doing great and well ahead of where most kids are at this time. Logan’s mouth has healed and he has started talking again….. The stem cell team gave us passes for the weekend to leave for 3 hours a day. They wanted to see how Logan handled being outside of the hospital, without the morphine. Sat was an eventful day, as Logan’s brother came to visit. This was Peyton’s first visit in over a week, so Logan was really excited, they did lots of snuggling. We also had the cousins visit, they rode bikes with Logan and had a great time. We went to the Ballard Locks with our 3 hour pass and watched a boat come in, Logan did great, he had a lot of energy and proved he was in great spirits. Today, aunt Kim played Wii with Logan. Logan won at all of the games…. as always. Then our friend Scott came, Logan attempted to teach him how to play Spiderman on the Wii. For our pass we went for a drive and went to the store to get Logan another DS game, as he earned $50.00 for taking his medicine during his stay….well earned! Thank you again for your thoughts and prayers.


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  1. Yeah! WE are so glad that Logan is ok! Josh has been thinking about him and the checking the blog almost daily. We hope you got the letter josh sent with the drawing! He can’t wait to see logan! We are glad he is coming home!!!

  2. Thank you for the update. We have been thinking of you guys so much and thankful to hear he is doing so well!

    We head in Tuesday. Hopefully we will catch you before you check out!!

    The Townes

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