Another great day! I left for work for awhile and Logan ate like a pig! That is great news because he has not had much of an appetite of late. Mom has the right touch. Logan’s baby brother was a little cranky which concerned Logan. He rubs Peyton’s eyebrow’s to calm him. In yesterday’s blog I told everyone about going to park and skipping rocks. Logan brought back two rocks w/ him. He named the big one Big Richie (Richie Sexson of the Mariners) and the little one Ichiro. Today we drew faces on them and put there names and numbers on the back. He has been carrying them around and showing everyone. Only two days until we get to go home. Logan wants to golf in the back yard (where he always beat his Papa on Logan Links). Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers.


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  1. Thanks for sharing with all of us – the blog is such great idea. It’s so nice to hear that Logan had a another great day! It sounds like he has become a wonderful and caring big brother. Adorable photo of the two of them. 🙂
    Take care,
    Julie (old friend of Kelly’s)

  2. My heart goes out to Logan and of course Mom, Dad and Peyton. We would like to help in whatever way we can, at this point a donation may work best. Please know our thoughts and prayers are with you all.
    George and Dee Mackinnon

  3. Kelly& Jason,

    All of our thoughts are with you and your family during this time, Logan is a strong little man and I have faith he will make this through strong! anything at ALL you need please don’t hesitate to ask. I pray for him and your family every night. i recently went to a breast cancer fundraiser and a good idea they had to raise money was to have a spray paint t shirt booth. i can help any way possible to try and start this up for Logan, try to find company’s to help donate t shirts or even buying plain ones and charging $10.00 a shirt. The Hurley company did it last weekend for the breast cancer awareness. But anything you can think of us to help just say the word and we’re on it!
    Hang in there Logan! We all love you!
    Ashli Gist

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