What a long day….Logan & Dad left the house about 11:30am and did not get home until almost 8pm. Our first stop was Seattle Cancer Center where Logan will be getting his stem cell transplant. They just wanted to start a file and check his Hickman Line. We were only there about 30 minutes. We then went to Seattle Children’s Hospital for blood work and our normal Friday meeting w/ the doctors. We were the last appointment of the day and they were running behind. Logan’s counts were low so we need to go back at 8am Sunday morning for a transfusion. To prepare for this they had to draw a little more blood this evening to match the donated blood. The only issue was that most everyone had left for the holiday weekend. We had to wait for the charge nurse from another floor. Oh well Logan and I spent the time playing his video game together to try to get to the next level. If Logan feels well we will get a day at home tomorrow. Thank you all for your continued support and prayers.


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  1. Dear Logan,

    We hope you’re feeling well. It was always great to see you when you came into the store with your mom. You’re in our prayers.


    Stella and Jose Luis Molnar

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