Good Sunday to all. Logan had an upset tummy last night twice. The good thing he is feeling great this morning and joking around. He wants to go down to the playroom and play air hockey.
Everyday I get asked how am I doing…I am fine but there is not an hour that goes by that I don’t go through a lot of emotions. I look at Logan all the time and still cannot believe he has cancer. I won’t lie either…I also think the worst. He is such a strong kid though and I know the right thing to tell people is he will beat this. I really truly do believe Logan will beat this. He is so strong and at age 5 seems to have the right attitude about everything. When I talk w/ Logan about teaching Peyton to play baseball, ride a bike, play football etc. he always smiles and cannot wait. I know I can speak for my amazing wife as well. I fortunately have work as a little of a distraction where as Kelly she is home & hospital most the time. Thank god for our amazing support group. My family has been awesome. I try to take positives out of the negatives and I have never been closer to my family. Kelly’s family has also been amazing. They live in upstate New York and really struggle every minute not being here. They used all of there vacation this year to be here when we first started treatment. They also plan on coming out in early January (when they get two more weeks vacation) and being here to celebrate Logan’s 6th birthday. I am so lucky to have in-laws like them. Thank you to everyone we know & do not know for your amazing thoughts and prayers!


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  1. Logan,
    Papa will miss carving pumpkins with you this year. Tell dad to
    put some pictures up on the Blog.
    You did a great job last year and
    papa wants everyone to see how good you did. Love You and miss you. Maybe tonight we will talk later if you are feeling better.

    Love Nana

  2. You are truly a lucky family to have each other. Love is a wonderful thing and a close family is a treasure to hold on to. I love your blog and watching Logan beat cancer his your gift to me.

  3. This isn’t really meant to be posted. My wife and I just wanted to send our love and prayers. We’re friends of Larry and Bonnie in Norwich and follow Logan’s progress on your website. He is such a strong little guy and I find him to be a true inspiration when I think I have things tough. Please try to stay strong and keep your positive attitude. I know it’s beyond tough, but I sincerely believe that good thoughts and prayers have a positive impact. And please know that you’ll continue to be in ours!

    Also…tell Logan that I know he can beat Poppa at golf! 🙂

    Gary (Hutch) and Barb Hotchkin

  4. Hi guys! It’s us-right up the hill 🙂 Just thinking about all of you – especially Logan! Hope this week goes by fast and easy. Please let us know if there’s anything we can do for you – we are here – Always!
    Love and prayers,
    Brian,Laura, Connor and Ellie

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