Good Tuesday morning. Logan had a pretty good night last night. No throwing-up which is great. His tummy was upset a couple times but we battled it w/ medicine. As with the night before we were up approximately every 45 minutes going potty. The reason is because they are hydrating w/ normal fluids, he is still getting his liquid food, and one of the chemo medicines he is getting is a 24/7 liquid medicine. It looks like we should be discharged about noon once the doctors make their rounds and he finishes w/ the liquid chemo. Have a great day!


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  1. Hi again Logan!

    It’s been so busy at work (as it has been for your Aunt Traci, too), so just now I’ve been reading up on your last couple of weeks, and it sounds like you’ve been doing lots of fun things; I’m so glad!

    We’re always thinking about you and your mom and dad–mom & dad: you amaze us and humble us as parents.

    Best to you all : )

    Melissa Teppo

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