Logan’s weekly clinic appointment went good. He gained weight and is at 41lbs! They want him to get to 43lbs. He was having ear aches today but they went away later in the day. The doctor said it is nothing to do w/ and chemo it might be a cold coming on. He got a little sick to his tummy on the way home in the car but has been feeling well since. The great thing is we have a weekend at home and no appointments until Monday.
We stopped and saw Ben Towne who is going through Chemo #3 (Cisplatin). This is the one that made Logan very sick. Ben (and parents) were doing good. Logan brought Ben a gift of some small airplanes to make him smile.
Congratulation’s to Logan’s Uncle Joe & Aunt Amber who had a beautiful baby boy (during the ultra sound they were told it was a girl so they were very surprised). At press time there is still no name and he still has a pink room. Baby weighed 9lbs 12oz and 23 1/2 inches long!!!


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  1. Well Lewis family, you are pressing my hand…I was hoping to wait until Sunday morning to be able to say that ASU let the Dawgs out in Tempe on Saturday night!We’ll see what happens. Great to see you today. Logan, thanks for the visit and for putting a smile on Ben’s face. Jeff

  2. Congratulations Joe and Amber! Wow … guess they’ll have to come up with a new name!

    Sorry we couldn’t be with you guys today for Friday clinic … but glad to hear all went well.

    Love you all!

    Mom and David

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