Wow what a night at the BLT! The owner Gary was amazing. Thank you to all those that showed up (and even those that did not show up but sent donations). $6000.00 was raised! Gary also put a car he owns up for auction w/ the proceeds going to Logan’s medical care (I will try to get the picture). It is a 1979 refurbished El Camino w/ a brand new engine that has 4,000 miles. Sounds like it is in mint condition. Gary does not care for it much because of the color….maroon like the Washington State Cougars. He is a die hard Husky Fan. From what I heard is someone opened up the bidding last night at $4000.00. WOW!

Logan had another great day yesterday. He got some superman pajama’s (w/ a cape) from my dad’s friend Valerie. He wore them and flew around the house at a high rate of speed all night. He loves to dress up! He went to cousin Sydney’s house and played while we were at the BLT. Thank you to Aunt Traci’s parents Terry & Fran for watching the boys.


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  1. What a heartwarming evening last night! The BLT team and Gary were awesome! We felt blessed to be there and meet so many of the generous and thoughtful people. Our family is very grateful!

    Grandma Kathy & Grandpa David

  2. Logan,
    Camden wants to see you Logan!! I miss you very much. All of your friends at Puyallup Playcare love you sooooooooooooooooooooo much. Get well soon!
    Love, Camden

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