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  1. What great pictures! I’m glad to hear that Logans numbers are coming up. Hope to hear that you get to go home soon… and thank you so much for putting a link to Charlie’s site! That was really thoughtful of you guys, thank you. I’ll ask Brian to put a link to Logan’s site on ours…
    Courtney 🙂

  2. I love those pictures, you guys, and I am so excited to hear those progress reports.

    Logan, you are the most handsome five-year-old boy/superhero I have ever seen!


  3. Hi Lewis Family,
    This is Sarah Rose and Lauren Bartow, and we go to Kalles Jr. High. We were incredibly moved by the assembly today, and wanted to let you know that our prayrs are with you.

  4. hi this is daniel gustafson i attended kalles junior high you guys came to my school today.
    And as teenagers it is hard to understand alot of things that happen in this world,but seeing logan today changed every single kids heart at our school he is unbelieveable. alot of people think it is painfull when u break a bone but logan as encountered something much more dramatic than this.i pray and pray for him.

  5. Hey Logan i saw you at my school today hey man i going to shave my head for you with a razor

    MR.Lewis please tell mr.caselo how much those shirt are and tell him
    to tell us kids how to get them i want one

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