Sorry we missed yesterday. Aunt Kristi came up to visit from Oregon and she is staying with us (or as Logan calls her Aunt Krixti). He is so excited she is here. He was in my bed yesterday morning at 7am when is Krixti going to be here and kept asking about every five minutes until she arrived at 3pm.

Friday was an amazing day as you can see by the comments. Our neighbor Mario Casello is the principal at a local Junior High in Puyallup (Kalles Jr. High). There is about 900+ students there. He and his family (Wendy, Chloe, & Kennedy) have been amazing! Mario organized an event at his school for Logan….Hat Day (kids cannot wear hats to school usually). Anyone that wanted to wear a hat paid $1.00. Mario said kids were coming up and giving much more. One kid brought his bank and gave $36.00 another gave a $100.00 bill….wow!

Then that afternoon Mario had an assembly at the school just before the kids were going to go home. He explained to the student body who Logan was and what Neuroblastoma was. He told them how his daughter Chloe dedicated her 5th birthday to Logan. Faculty came up to me and said they have never heard the gym so quiet. A lot of the kids were moved by Logan’s story. Mario then had Logan & Chloe come out hand in hand so the students could meet them. It was awesome. Mr. Casello then shaved his head in front of everyone so he could be bald like Logan. He let Logan start the shaving and Logan thought that was awesome. After the assembly the school bell rang and kids headed home. A lot of them came down and shook Logan’s hand, high fived him, took pictures with him with their cell phones. One kid reached into his pocket and pulled out $8.00 wrinkled dollars and gave it to me. It was really amazing.

That night at the school like they do all Friday’s Mr. Casello and staff/volunteers open the Gym to students to play sports, watch movies, play games etc. Each student pays $5.00 to attend. All proceeds that night went to Logan! Logan and I attended for about an hour and Logan had a blast as you can see by the picture of him and Chloe playing twister together. Mr. Casello said that was the biggest turnout they have ever had! Kids also were shaving their heads for Logan. The Kalles Girls basketball team made Logan a big card and donated some money to him.



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  1. i noticed, being in the crowd of us students, that so many people were moved by logan. You should see how many kids myspaces noe say in BOLD font


    on them…

    never have i saw the student body so concerned with the welfare of a situation. After the assembly so many kids were sharing plans of how they are going to try to help logan personally on the bus. Everyone had ideas, and everyone wanted to help!


  2. yeah i so agree with tyler.
    we were all really moved.
    me and my friends were balling our eyes out.
    yeah my myspace does say
    i was super moved.
    and im so glad are scholl can help out.
    i really wish i was there at friday nigh live.
    so i couldve met this special boy:]]

  3. Thank You Everyone! We are deeply moved by the support and generosity of the people of Seattle. What a great place for Logan to live.

    I wish we had been able to see all of the amazing kids and families that participated in these events and the smiles that were brought to Logans face.

    Thank you, again!

  4. Wow the assembly on friday was amazing. i seriously have never heard the gym so silent. I think that everyone was touched. I know i was. Well i just wanted to let you guys know that we at Kalles are all supporting you. Like Tyler said, everyone on the bus was talking about what they could do to help. anyways, i just wanted to say that I’m praying about Logan.

    -emily brown

  5. I have to agree with tyler and cassie and say that tons of kids were moved by logan’s story, myself included. I will do as much as i can to help out wether it is wearing a hat or giving a donation. Today in english our topic was about logan and everybody was coming up with ways to help logan. I can only hope that some ideas will be used. until then i will pray for logan every night and spread the word about this amazing little boy. 🙂

  6. Hello.
    This is kylee and Hannah.
    We attended the assembly for Logan and were quickly brought to tears. We are doing a newspaper article all about Logan. We will soon have Mr.Casello bring you a sheet of questions. Any answers that you can give us would be great.(:

    his story inspired us and we want to help in any way.


    -hannah and kylee

  7. We both almost started crying that day at the assembly…we were so moved!!!! i hope everything goes well for your family!!! Happy holidays!

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