Happy Thanksgiving to all! Logan has had a lot of tummy pain. He would wake up every hour or so whimpering and putting his hand on his tummy. They have him on a continuous drip of Morphine and give him extra as needed. He is watching cartoons right now and every so often he will smile at something funny that happens on the T.V. The picture is of the incision. I showed Logan after I took it and he was concerned about the hole….after I told him it was his belly button he was o.k.

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  1. happy thanksgiving jason,kelly, logan,and peyton!
    Logan you have been in my prayers since the begining and you getting all better is what Im most thankful for. I hope you have a great holiday and I cant wait to see you!
    love ashli gist

  2. Jason & Kelly.

    Happy Thanksgiving to the Lewis family! You have much to be thankful for. We have followed your updates regularly, and were very happy to hear that Logan’s surgery went well. As we said before, he is an amazing kid!! He also has amazing parents, family, and friends.

    As always, our thoughts are with all of you.

    Hal & Carla

  3. Logan,

    We are so happy to hear how well your surgery went. We were thinking of you every minute yesterday! We saw a box of Spiderman macaroni and cheese at the grocery store and thought that Mom should surely make that for you when you are back at home.

    Grace and Valerie

  4. Im so happy to hear that everything went well with the surgery!I know how hard it must be for him to have to go through that,Ive been through it myself many times,I dont go through all the things that logan does but I know how it feels to know at such a young age that I have to go into surgery.Hes been so amazing and so brave!!!!!!
    (Student of kalles jr high)

  5. Good Going Spiderman Logan- Another triumph “Good vs Evil. The mighty Spiderman Logan has taken down the bad seed.

    Job well done!

    Love Nana and Papa

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