We had a bit of a set back today. The results of Logan’s bone marrow test showed evidence of cancerous tumors still in the marrow. They were expecting no sign of it. All the team of doctors were surprised. What was said is “This is concerning at this time.” They were anticipating going into stem cell transplant w/ zero signs.
I just look at it as Logan has just a little bit of a steeper hill to climb but he will get there. The next chemo medicine he gets for the stem cell will be the strongest and that could wipe out the remaining little bit….keep praying.

Logan is doing awesome. His cousin Sydney stayed overnight last night and they had a blast. Kelly walked into Logan’s room last night about 10pm because she heard noise and Logan was up on the top bunk of his bunk beds and they were smelling each others feet. Whatever works….. Logan has been a ball of energy. He is eating really well also.

Today is just a small hurdle in a long race. LOGAN WILL BEAT THIS!


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  1. Hi Lewis Family,
    I read the rough draft article about Logan for the Puyallup School District Newsletter. I realized we were sitting next to you at the Ram Restaurant on Wednesday January 2nd. Our son, Ty Quandt is also in the newsletter. I have a friend who works at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. Her Name is Debra Jarvis and she is a pastor there. If you get a chance have her stop by to talk to you. She is really nice. You will like her. Logan will be in my prayers. I will be thinking of him and your family during his stem cell transplant!
    Take good care of yourselves,
    Karen and Gene Quandt

  2. Dear Logan,

    Your spirit is amazing! We truly believe you will beat this disease … and the support of SO many people who love you (including us!) is going to help pull you through. Stay strong – and think positively … as you have done all along.

    We love you!
    Gramma & Grampa David

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